Agave Syrup

This product is extracted from Agave which is purified to obtain Agave syrup with a concentration of 75 ° Bx. Agave syrup is a sweetener easily metabolized which intensifies the flavors of foods like fruits and nectars and has a low glycemic index. The flavor of agave syrup is sweet, neutral flavor and color ranges are in hues of yellow, which may vary according to customer requirements. Different existing presentations. Benefits:  Sweetener: Its main advantage is its greater sweetening power when compared to sucrose.  Flavour enhancer: Improves and intensifies the flavors of other foods such as fruits or nectar, which allows maneuverability in product formulation.  Easy assimilation: Because of its high fructose does not require insulin in the early stages of its metabolism.  Hygroscopicity: Improving the power of moisture retention in food.  High osmotic pressure: Allows inhibition of microbial growth, which leads to stability on shelf life. High fermentability: The types of sugars they contain are easily digestible by yeasts in various fermentation processes.