Hydrating Cream With Amaranth Oil for Very Sensitive Skin Crema hidratante con aceite de amaranto para piel muy sensible 17002

Soft not perfumed cream containing squalene and amaranth, avocado and jojoba oils

  • suitable for all age categories
  • protects the skin against the impact of free radicals
  • E vitamin and UV filters limit the adverse effects of solar radiation on skin
  • Panthenol and seaweed extracts in the cream are conducive to its hydrating and calming effects
  • Intended for daily use

Day Cream With Amaranth Oil and Silk for Very Sensitive Skin Crema de dia con aceite de amaranto y seda para piel muy sensible 17003

This light cream for the treatment of a very sensitive skin contains the amaranth oil and silk proteins

  • suitable for all age categories
  • for highly sensitive skin prone to irritation
  • highly regenerative and antioxidizing effects
  • extract from silk conductive to brightening the skin, while softening and smoothing it

Facial and Body Amaranth Oil For Dry & Sensitive Skin Aceite facial y corporal de amaranto para piel seca y sensible 283

The preparation contains a high percentage of amaranth oil containing squalene as the active substance, a compound with a distinctly regenerative effect. Thanks to that compound it is suitable for treatment of skin damaged by sunlight or radiotherapy.

  • it also contains olive oil, jojoba oil and wheat germ oil, rich in vitamin A and vitamin E
  • suitable for treatment of dry and sensitive skin of the whole family including children
  • suitable for striae prevention
  • the product does not contain any additives, synthetic perfumes and mineral oils