Depigmentation Cream Crema despigmentante 16020

Skin cream specially developed for skin tending to produce pigment spots. Affects pigment spots originating due to hormonal changes, impact of intense solar radiation and aging.

  • for all types of skin and age categories
  • to be applied locally to pigment spots once or twice a day
  • lightens the skin, while unifying its colour shade
  • must be used together with creams containing high protection factor
  • dermatologically and clincally tested

Enzymatic peeling Peeling enzimatico 16025

Highly efficient emulsion with active substances complex that accelerate dead cells removal and thus facilitate skin regeneration.

  • for all ages
  • AHA-acids and enzyme delicately and directly remove keratinised skin layer
  • moisturizes skin and harmonises complexion
  • apply once a week, leave for 5 minutes to take effect
  • it is not advisable to expose skin to sunshine upon the emulsion application
  • after removal (wiping off) of the emulsion residues apply products from the Targeted skin protection series

Active Serum For Eye With Matrixyl Suero activo para contorno de ojos con matrixil 16026

A highly efficient regenerative product intended primarily for the treatment of the eye area, but also for the treatment of fine wrinkles all over the skin. Aside from the unique active ingredient Matrixyl, it also contains high quantities of other active substances, for example: ceramides, squalene, vitamin E, and almond and jojoba oil.

  • Matrixyl, which restructures the skin‘s 3D meshes, focuses on the sensitive eye area, improving skin elasticity and  thus smoothing out wrinkles
  • Ceramides provide high moisturization and skin regeneration, vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, squalene softens  the skin, moisturizing it and improving the skin barrier
  • For daytime and evening application, ideally under cream
  • Suitable for all skin types and ages, including the higher ones
  • Dermatologically-tested