Beverage Products

  • Kyselka Bilinska Jaterni Biliner Zaludecni Mineral water

    Kyselka Bilinska Natural Mineral Water  Naturally helps digestion and subtracts against excessive production of stomach acid thus avoiding heartburn. Kyselka Bilinska proven for centuries as a natural remedy for heartburn.  Country of Origin: Czech Republic. Content: 100% alkaline, high concentration of minerals (5 to 7 grams per liter) containing sodium, potassium,   calcium, magnesium, iron, […]

  • Czech beer Lobkowicz Premium

    Czech beer Lobkowicz Premium  Lobkowicz Premium Lager is a traditional Czech beer with a delicious distinctive taste. Its fullness and bitterness are harmoniously combined. Each sip of Lobkowicz beer takes you back to an age when everything was handcrafted, although more slowly, but with the necessary diligence and careful supervision. Premium Light Lager, 4.7% alcohol […]

  • True Tea Yerba Mate, Green Rooibos and Green

    True Tea Yerba Mate  Refreshing Dink That Restores Energy Maté tea allows the body and mind to fill with antioxidants which restore and protect the balance of your organism. True Tea Yerba Mate is a tea which originates from South America, slightly bitter with a warm characteristic taste. It has been carefully sweetened and provided […]