• Agave Syrup

    Agave Syrup   This product is extracted from the Agave which is purified until the obtaining of the Agave syrup with a concentration of 75 °Bx. The Agave syrup is a sweetener of rapid metabolism which intensifies the tastes of the food such as fruits and nectars, and has a low-glycemic index. The taste of the […]

  • Cajeta Tequila Pepe

    Cajeta Tequila Pepe  Milk caramel “Pepe” with tequila is a 100% natural product, handmade with milk. Elaborated from the combination of tequila “Hacienda Mercado” and milk. Unique in the market, CRT certified by the Tequila Regulatory Council.

  • Agave Inulin

    Agave Inulin  The polysaccharide of the Agave (Inulin) is a branched molecule with fructose units, so that it is also known as fructans with terminals of Glucose. This juice is extracted and purified to obtain a solution of 70 °Bx in its liquid form or by an additional drying process in its powder form, if preferred. The […]

  • Stevia Ka’a He’e

    Stevia  Line of sweeteners of natural origin, extracted from the plant known as Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni, of Paraguayan origin. Product prepared in Mexico, which belongs to the category of calorie-free sweeteners, suitable for diabetics and which due to its composition can be consumed by persons of any age and physical condition. Pure extract of Stevia […]