Servicios-Contenido-NexuswbNexus World Business offers a variety of services such as; promotion and marketing of domestic products in the international market and supply the domestic market with goods and supplies of foreign origin.

Logistics services, monitoring and control of operations through customs agents proven track record, honesty and professionalism, so that the foreign trade operations are carried out according to strict compliance with the laws of each country.

We can provide specialized transportation services for products that require, with direct control and supervision of the operations of loading and unloading, cargo security, transportation, etc.

We have a marketing system, which is available to our customers to promote any product.

We do market research for the introduction of new products and goods for use and consumption.

Guide our clients and the market in general about the use and properties of some products that are not well known, forms of use and consumption thereof, etc.

Import and Export

Import and export of products come and consumption, such as grains, beverages, cosmetics, among others, with a great success on our customers.

Logistics and Operations

We provide logistics services so that our products are not damaged in the process and are transported in the best possible way to reach a destination in the same initial conditions.


We have a holding in companies located in four strategic areas to provide personalized attention and in the language of your choice, our main goal is that our customers are satisfied.


Business group Nexus World BusinessNexus World Business

Select the region in which it is appropriate to contact the company and we can provide personalized attention and all our customers deserve. Our main commitment is to satisfy our customers, we strive every day to maintain friendly ties with our customers.